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The Bare Pit
Bare Manors
What's this? Comics about nudists? Well, yeah - nudists have adventures too y'know!
If this freaks you out, please note they aren't adult/ porn/sex comics...! Just toons with nekkid people and the stuff they get up to.. Cool? Cool.

Noodtoonist says...
Some people may remember several years ago when I used to produce a variety of naturist web comics - firstly Loxie & Zoot, then its spin off The Bare Pit, plus a bunch of single panel toons titled Bare Manors.

But then I stopped making them - mainly becasue it was a ton of work producing regular updates plus it was stressful and various other life things happened. Boo hoo, I know.

The Bare Pit and Bare Manors then went offline two years later becasue
unfortunately the person who hosted the site passed away and his very cheap hosting sites also closed. At that stage, and for the last few years I haven't been in the frame of mind to fix that problem or even make an  announcement about it... no doubt alienating 98.6% of my readership in the process. Sorry.

You ask...
So where are the cartoons then?
Yes, there used to be a good several hunderd pages or so... but they are all currently offline.

That's no good to me. When are they going to be "currently online"?
Probably never. Sorry. However I am considering ways and means to hard copy print and sell them. Please stay tuned for more details.

Are you ever going to get off your lazy @$$ and make more?
At these stage I'm not planning to, but if circumstances change over the next few years anything is possible.

Didn't you already have a book for sale?
Yes - The Koala Bares - thanks for asking... it's awesome!

Buy it today!

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