The Koala Bares
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  • Wow, it's even better in a book! Although we all live in the era of Internet and all that, still a book is quite a different reading experience. You know - no monitor radiation, no scrolling and clicking and waiting for pages to load etc. As soon as I got the book in my hands, I just couldn't stop reading until the very end! (BTW, delivery in less than a week, across the globe - thumbs up for the post service)
    Jiri (Czeck Republic)

  • I can thoroughly recommend the book to anyone, especially readers of the site's incarnation. The printed version is much more satisfying to read. Go! Buy! The consumer in you demands it!
    Dan (UK)

  • Got the book this morning and instead of doing the things I should have done, like… house work (yawn)… I sat and read The Koala Bares from cover to cover. Ok it didn't take long, but it's still an important fact. As much as I enjoy reading the magazines, it's a pleasure to read fiction with a naturist theme; I wish there was more of it. Here in chilly Britain thoughts of living permanently in the nude like Zoot and Loxie is just a pipe dream, but I do my best.
    Looking forward to the next book. Er… there is going to be a 'next book' isn't there!
    Reg (UK)

  • Even though I am 54, I still love comic books and I love the naturist lifestyle although I am relatively new to it. When I discovered your web site, I found Loxie & Zoot completely enchanting and immediately ordered the comic. I'd like to encourage people to purchase your book and thereby encourage you to continue creating such wonderful work! I have never seen anything like it, yet it so completely reflects my own philosophy regarding nudity. The world that Zoot dreams of in the beginning of the comic is one that I wish to see manifested. Er... except the part with Tex Tyler, that is. Texas has only one government-run public park where nudity is allowed: Hippie Hollow. Unfortunately, Texas is full of "Tex Tylers", or there would more public facilities like it.
    James (USA)

The Koala Bares
  • I have enjoyed your toons from the begining - I looked forward to the weekly installments. I now have the book and love it, it is on permanent display on my coffee table. You are doing a geat job with your toons. Look forward to more of your work.
    Tim (USA)

  • When the book arrived, I thought - "I'll just take a look ..." Which I did. Then I read carefully all the introductory stuff. Then I thought "I'll just read a few pages ...". And read right to the end!!! Bloody marvellous book.
    I loved the really positive and lighthearted attitude throughout. OK, so it's fiction, but it's very believable fiction.
    Lovely cast of characters. Great the way the kids are presented - with peer pressure the most important thing in their lives. And absolutely super drawing. You've taken a lot of care over the publication.
    Tim (UK)

  • I haven't found the words to say how totally impressed I am with The Koala Bares! It is an absolute gem. This should be available all over the world.

  • The Koala Bares is great! I'm delighted to see a naturist get club life so very, very right, while being funny and serious at the same time. That Koala Bares is in comic book form should make it accessible to many people. Thanks for taking the time to craft a quality product. The naturist community could use far more tools such as this. That it also serves as a relaxing diversion for us naked folk makes it all the more valuable.

  • The Koala Bares arrived today and looks really, really brill! Definitely colour was the way to go - and the printers did a great job. The book glows.
The Koala Bares
  • The book came on Wednesday. As soon as I opened it, my 5 year old son took it. When he was done my wife took it. My 11 year old daughter was next in line and has just finished reading the book. She says she now has a new way of looking at being nude because of it. That way she says is for the fun of it. I've raised her as a naturist but she never seemed to appreciate it before and now has a new desire to be nude on a regular basis. She also said that it is a good book for kids her age to read so they too can get a better idea of what naturism is and what it means to them. As a parent I couldn't be more pleased.
    Thanks for your great work, both the artwork with your care to show naturists in a natural way and the storyline itself are excellent. Now, finally, it is my turn at the book.

  • Just got my copy of The Koala Bares today and I'm very pleased with it. It isn't quite what I expected it would be but I've got no complaints, good book, fast friendly service (I got my copy in only 10 days - from Australia to the U.S., sometimes I don't do that well ordering something here at home). If someday there is a Koala Bares book 2 I'll very likely order it too.

  • Ta-daaa...! What a great book. I hadn't expected color, and reading it all at once was smoother than I'd expected. Each episode has its own rhythm, so I expected that the whole would be kind of a bumpy ride. Not so. I went from beginning to end, and the story was seamless.

  • Started reading The Koala Bares last night, really enjoying it, picking up lots of background gags I missed first time round.

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